The Cub

That agile foot peeking out of the warm covers radiates tranquility.

The heel, pink and shiny,

The toes snoozing nonchalantly,

And the delicate lines of the sole

All melt together in temporary harmony.

Your foot starts whispering, as if,

The whole universe is tucked in under your warm skin,

Everything tender and cuddly.

Your breathing, I cannot hear, but know is there

Draws imaginary circles in the air like soap bubbles,

I feel like blowing on.

Your fine, fair, frizziness

Is the only thing about you rioting.

And soon that will give in, too.

And soon, I will turn off the lamp and you, my boy

Will smile in your sleep, while kicking a football,

Making a snowman or building a Lego ship,

And tomorrow when you wake up,

You will become a cub again.