Never Let Me Go

I was watching the Nobel Prize ceremony last night. It is not so much the achievements that make me watch it, but more hearing the speeches made by the laureates. It gives me hope and makes me feel confident in humanity to hear the world’s most clever people say very wise things about making the world a better place.

This year’s prize in literature was given to Kazuo Ishiguro. So far, I read one book by him called Never Let me Go and I cannot pass without saying a few things about it. Friendship is a central theme of the book, which is also one of my favorite themes. I have never read a novel as this one, where human emotion and science fiction go so well hand in hand. At first sight, the story is about a group of students at an English boarding school Hailsham. The mood is very bleak, as the fate of the students and from the very beginning you sense something not quite right. Then you start to understand what a “donor” is. The writer portrays the characters and their relationships with such human depth that the implausibility of the events becomes irrelevant.

Highly recommended!

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