I am not a writer by profession. Neither can I claim to be poet or photographer. But I do a little bit of each. My job is to market brands. I have a Masters Degree in Business (Communication Management) and have been working in the marketing departments of large multinational corporations in the past 20 years.

The human brain has amazing ways to combine knowledge and experience from different fields, create surprising parallels and associations. Great things happen in the flux of the rational and the creative/emotional. It is this field of intersection that excites me the most.

Since high school, I have been writing poetry occasionally. Nothing published though. Photography is also a passion of mine; I like creating poetry with images.

A part of my job in Marketing is to work with texts and images in advertising for communicating with specific commercial target groups: A different line of creative work than what I am planning to show in my blog.

Why do I have this blog? Well… not for any commercial purpose, really.  But, because I feel compelled to. Because writing makes me feel good.